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As one of the largest independent providers of VoIP business phone system services in the UK, we deliver the very best technology and expertise without compromising your budget.

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We promised to get you the very best business VoIP phone system at the best price.

VoIP Phone Systems

Our VoIP phone systems and services enable companies to embrace the benefits of cloud-based phone systems by creating a simple and cost-effective alternative that increases staff efficiency and business responsiveness.

Business Phone Systems

We know that the success of your business relies on your phone system, and we want to help. That's why we offer a range of small business telephone systems, including Cloud-based VoIP and on-premise phone systems. Our highly trained sales team will help you choose the right system for your business.

Telephone Numbers

We can also help you get a unique telephone number for your business. Your customers can remember your phone number, encouraging repeat calls and creating a strong association in their minds with the area code and telephone numbers.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Our range of on-premise VoIP business phone systems offers you the latest technology at prices that won't empty your bank account. We've designed these systems to keep your telephony costs down by taking advantage of the cost savings available through technology.

Microsoft Teams Phone System

The Microsoft Teams phone system allows users to replace their existing PBX system or make and receive calls using Microsoft Teams. This voice-over-IP feature is designed to help improve the collaboration process between teams, helping them work better together.

Business Lines and Calls

British VoIP is an alternative provider of business phone lines and calls. We are easy to convert to because of our flexible packages - plus why compromise your call quality on your new phone system? We are perfect for new businesses who are looking to cut costs but keep 100% of their profit!

Give your business a voice with the VoIP system

British Voip understands that running a business can be challenging, but we're here to help. We don't just distribute services and products; we're a powerful voice in the market, ensuring that businesses like yours succeed.

SIP Trunking Solutions

If your organisation is on a tight budget and can't justify the expense of ISDN, SIP trunking offers a cost-effective alternative for routing calls to and from landlines.

Horizon Enhancements

Horizon can make your business more efficient, more reliable and more profitable. With the flexibility of a hosted system, you will be able to change your service or even rebrand quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your business.

SIP Trunk Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager enables you to define call handling policies for each of your SIP users' phone devices. You can also give them the capability to work together in group calls, conference calls, chat conferences, call recording, start menu start-up bar, and allow them to transfer calls to one another. 

Toll Fraud

In minutes, your system is protected from illegal toll fraud. Bolt-on to any analogue or digital system and safeguard your company’s telephone lines from Toll Fraud – a silent killer costs UK businesses 40 million pounds a year.

Contact Centres

We can help you manage contacts from multiple sources, including email, mobile and social media, to provide a better customer experience. You improve your brand’s presence, increase your reach and reduce your costs.

Link Pay+

Open your door to the world of payments with Link Pay, a new payment method. Link Pay allows customers to make secure payments using any device and any channel. Link Pay creates a straightforward experience for cardholders while giving merchants the flexibility to accept payment in the most convenient way for them.

Industries We Support with VoIP Phone Systems

Whatever your requirements, we will deliver a British VoIP solution that delivers effective communication in small businesses and sticks to your budget and is packed with the features and functions your organisation demands. We will take all the hard work from searching for an ideal product and whittle it down to just one. From this, you can choose your ideal product, and we will ensure it meets or exceeds all of your requirements and expectations.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems Businesses

VoIP is the best phone system for businesses. It gives you a phone line from your computer when you have a broadband connection. You can even use a VoIP system in a hotel room in a foreign country and never pay for a phone call!

  • Accountant VoIP Phone Systems
  • Architect VoIP Phone Systems
  • Bank Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Barrister VoIP Phone Systems
  • BNI Businesses VoIP Phone Systems
  • Bookkeeper VoIP Phone Systems
  • Builders VoIP Phone Systems
  • Business Advisor VoIP Phone Systems
  • Business Coach VoIP Phone Systems
  • Business Insurance VoIP Phone Systems
  • Carpet Cleaning VoIP Phone Systems
  • Car Sales, Leasing
  • Car Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Chamber of Commerce VoIP Phone
  • Cleaning Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Computer Sales Service VoIP Phone
  • Computer Software Sales-Services
  • Courier Service VoIP Phone Systems
  • Ecommerce Business VoIP Phone Systems
  • Education VoIP Phone Systems
  • Electrician VoIP Phone Systems
  • Florist VoIP Phone Systems VoIP
  • General-Motor Insurance VoIP
  • Graphic Designer VoIP
  • Health & Wellness Services
  • Health and Safety Consulting
  • Healthcare VoIP Phone Systems
  • Hospital VoIP Phone Systems
  • Human Resources VoIP Phone Systems
  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Information Technology VoIP Phone
  • Interior Designer VoIP Phone Systems
  • Internet Advertising VoIP Phone Systems
  • Internet Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Landscaping Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Legal Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Marketing Services VoIP Phone Systems
  • Mortgages VoIP Phone Systems
  • Office Products VoIP Phone Systems
  • Office Supplies VoIP Phone Systems
  • Online Business VoIP Phone Systems
  • Painter and Decorator VoIP Phone Systems
  • Photographer VoIP Phone Systems
  • Plumber VoIP Phone Systems
  • Printer VoIP Phone Systems
  • Property Management VoIP Phone Systems
  • Public Relations VoIP Phone Systems
  • Recruitment Agency VoIP Phone Systems
  • Residential Mortgage VoIP Phone Systems
  • Residential Property VoIP Phone Systems
  • Retail VoIP Phone Systems
  • Security Systems VoIP Phone Systems
  • Sign Company VoIP Phone Systems
  • Solicitor VoIP Phone Systems
  • Telecommunications Equipment VoIP
  • Telecommunications Services VoIP
  • Travel Agent VoIP Phone Systems
  • Web Design VoIP Phone Systems
  • Web Hosting VoIP Phone Systems
  • VoIP Phone Systems
Freephone 0800/0808 Numbers

Add an 0800 Number that receives up to four million enquiries every year from across the UK. It's a great way to gain leads and increase awareness of your business. Why do you need an 0800 number? Did you know that in 2019 the number of smartphone users in the United Kingdom rose to 55.5 million, making it 82.9 per cent of the population.

  • Choose from our range of 45,000 available 080 Free to call numbers
  • Highly memorable numbers available from £1.99 per month
  • 96% of consumers recognise and would call a freephone 0800 Number first
Virtual 01/02 Numbers

Virtual 01/02 Numbers let you compete anywhere. Whoever you are and wherever you're located, we can give you a virtual presence in any area code across the UK. Build up your UK presence with a UK local area number. Whether you want to increase the credibility of your business, generate more business from particular regions, or increase your contact numbers across the country, there is a good reason to get a UK local area number.

  • Choose from over 3.5 million available virtual 01 and 02 Numbers for business.
  • Divert calls to any preferred landline or mobile number and stand out from your competition.
  • 96% of consumers recognise and would call a freephone 0800 Number first
Virtual 01/02 Numbers

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